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BOSSShark 41 minutes ago

2/3 live

TBRizZeL 53 minutes ago

2/6 live

hfgls 1 h 8 min ago

It's complicated. A made a mistake that led meC to win, and then B wanted to kick A. I didn't agree, then they were off the line

single_cat 1 h 12 min ago

kick and abort

hfgls 1 h 14 min ago

Some people can't afford to lose and don't move。I can't start a new live,what should I do?

single_cat 1 h 48 min ago

can someone start a 3plive game?

single_cat 2 h 57 min ago

3p live plz

Polaris 5 hours ago

3/6 live game

kenshin469 5 hours ago

3p live game, need one more player

Xylar13 5 hours ago

4/6p live

hfgls 5 hours ago

can someone start a 6p live game?

kenshin469 5 hours ago

live game unrated. I haven't finished 5 games yet

kenshin469 5 hours ago

can someone start a live game?

Xylar13 6 hours ago

Can someone host live?

The_Hound 6 hours ago

3p live rated up

PrinceToberyn 7 hours ago


PrinceToberyn 7 hours ago


PrinceToberyn 7 hours ago


PrinceToberyn 7 hours ago

6p live up

Xylar13 8 hours ago

Tides of Battle, Random Start? I think

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