Shoebill 1 minutes ago

Live 6p anyone?

Carolallo 15 minutes ago

Game delated?

Carolallo 26 minutes ago


Carolallo 30 minutes ago

6pl live please?

consultum 46 minutes ago


Enzo 1 h 20 min ago

6p live rated opened

consultum 1 h 22 min ago


18HopeCSF 1 h 49 min ago

All Non-Baratheon Ships are reduced to 0

WorLor 1 h 57 min ago

Is there a difference if the third house supports Bara instead of the other house in the conflict?

WorLor 1 h 60 min ago

What about supporting ships from a third house?

Retroringostarr 1 h 60 min ago

thanks for the info btw, much appreciated

Mel 1 h 60 min ago

Join for Season 5!

Retroringostarr 2 h 0 min ago

So if i play a 4 card, and have plus 1 attack on 3 ship I will have a total score of 5

Tsen Utara 2 h 2 min ago

New Live 6pl up

Ser Hodor 2 h 3 min ago

supply and defense + count too

JR90 2 h 4 min ago


Retroringostarr 2 h 4 min ago

Salladhor question - he makes my ships 0 but if I am attacking with a +1 does that still count in addition to my card strength?

Tsen Utara 2 h 16 min ago

2 more spots claim your rightful throne

Tsen Utara 2 h 18 min ago


Tsen Utara 2 h 27 min ago

live 6pl game up

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