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Topic: Tyrell / Martel Alliance Strategy
Posted: 2023-Sep-17 19:01
Assuming Tyrell and Martel both know that the other won't betray, what are the strongest moves that they can make together towards victory?

I know that a lot of strategy for both has them fighting, but what are their best moves if they join forces?
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Topic: Tyrell / Martel Alliance Strategy
Posted: 2023-Sep-18 14:08
The most important aspect in a Southern alliance is to have a peaceful border with great options to play CP orders (Dornish Marches and Princes Pass, respectively.

Moreover, helping each other cycle cards (Tyrell strength 1 cards and Randyll Tarly vs. Nymeria and Martells strength 2 cards mostly) and supporting each other (the sea regions and possibly from Dornish Marches or the Boneway) is always a plus.

More cruel strategies include using QoT and Doran to the other players advantage (for example QoT on Baras BWB support, when Martell has a march order in ESS). Sometimes Martell can also help out Tyrell by weakly occupying some territory for Loras to march through.

And finally there is a nice starter move, where Martell takes Starfall in round 1 and Tyrell pushes him to Princes Pass. This allows Martell to CP from PP from round 2 on and Tyrell gets the opportunity to muster in Starfall before he vacats it again.

But of course, never forget: only one House can ultimately win the game of Thrones.

Ser Hodor
Son Of Hodor

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Topic: Tyrell / Martel Alliance Strategy
Posted: 2023-Sep-18 15:59
The main tenet of the alliance is no raiding, so that both houses can farm in peace and set their sights to the north.

Often, to encourage Martell to go that route, Tyrell will at some point use QOT to remove a support order from Blackwater Bay, allowing Martell to move into Shipbreaker.  This move risks giving Martell an unbeatable advantage early on, if things have gone really bad for Baratheon, so Tyrell needs to be wary*. But they can't refuse to ever do it entirely, because if there is no route north for Martell, they have nowhere else to look but west into the green lands.

Tyrell mainly wants to buy time to pull the right Westeros cards to catch Greyjoy or Lanni with their trousers down.  But staying friendly with Martell is essential for that, as you will not be launching any offensives to the North if Doran takes away your stars.

One other thing to note - sometimes Tyrell will ask for Princes Path as a  terms of a truce.  This is a total non-starter, coming from the house that starts in a weaker position, and means war is inevitable.

*always keep an eye on Martell's power supply. If they ever become the richest house in the realm, that is a very dangerous situation because they have Doran waiting to cripple their main foe further at all times.
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Topic: Tyrell / Martel Alliance Strategy
Posted: 2024-Feb-10 08:52
How can Baratheon defend against such aliance? Between Tyrell, Martell and an opportunistic Stark ot seems impossible for them to do anything, esp if Lannis and GJ fight each other...
Knight of Ni

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Topic: Tyrell / Martel Alliance Strategy
Posted: 2024-Feb-16 12:52
Stark has little interest in a Martell with Doran in SBB, so may support.
If Tyrell and Martell seem too friendly, a support in port of Dragonstone is strong, as it helps defending SBB AND keeps the use of Salladhor, very strong in defense, even without the S in BWB.

Good observation and good diplomacy, to sum up.

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