Kaminja 8 minutes ago

2/3 for live game!

PawcioF 22 minutes ago

anyone up for a 6p live?

Kaminja 36 minutes ago

3p live up

Ser Mesut 2 h 9 min ago

it's b00yashaka, he can't handle losing, nvm

Ser Imp 2 h 12 min ago

i have none in my BL

b00yashaka 2 h 13 min ago

sad story

Ser Mesut 2 h 16 min ago

could be 5/6 but i'm blacklisted for someone LOL

Kaminja 2 h 34 min ago

2/3 for live game!

LisanAlGahib 2 h 53 min ago


Kaminja 4 hours ago


Kaminja 4 hours ago

3p live up

jackpearson870817 5 hours ago

any MoT help to create a 6p live, better with house choice

Lizhijun 8 hours ago

no boddy?

SAKURAWAYENd 8 hours ago


ylchen 8 hours ago

any 3p live game?

marcospcmelo 9 hours ago

hard to find 3p =( maybe tomorrow

marcospcmelo 9 hours ago

2/3 ranked 3P

marcospcmelo 9 hours ago

had to do something, sry. Now?

LisanAlGahib 10 hours ago

3p 0r 4p live

LisanAlGahib 10 hours ago

i here

The King shits, the Hand whipes...

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JM Grip
The 8th God

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Topic: Public Beta available!
Posted: 2021-Dec-01 16:28
Hello there,

some time went by since we had a major update to speak of. Hopefully you are well and at good health.
Today, we are happy to announce the start of the Public Beta for a 7 player variant with House Arryn and the latest version of our Game implementation for you and all THRONEMASTER.NET users.
Maybe this brings some extra light into your Christmas days.

Issues are still to be expected, but latest games ran without any reported bugs.
Be aware that this is not the final version and content can still be changed before release.

- Added House Arryn
- Added House Arryn "Feast for Crows" cards set
- Added 3x new 7-players map designs
- Added +4 Garrison
- Added chat command /gift to gift Power Tokens
- New localization for Portuguese (BR)
- Updated localizations for FR, NL, ES, PT
- UI changes for better overview

See more detailed changelog here:

Report issues here:

Also we welcomed three new Judges to our Team:
Say hello to SerOberynMartell, Azmodeus and Mandy Storm!
Their support has been greatly appreciated already - finally, piled up reports could be resolved.
Thank you for being with us and keeping our Community alive!

Have fun and take care,

If you would like to get these news as newsletter, please change your notification settings here:

edit (Nomaris): fixed a link which was cut by copy+paste

Mandy Storm
Unicorn of Abnormal Storms

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Topic: Public Beta available!
Posted: 2021-Dec-03 14:41
Thank you JM for all your magic work

Battle Commander

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Member since: 2015-May-01

Topic: Public Beta available!
Posted: 2021-Dec-07 21:16
Thank you for this update! It is wonderful to know that this community continues to develop and that our experience of Westeros is expanding.

I have so much gratitude to you for creating and maintaining this amazing platform for us to come together and share our passion for the world of Ice and Fire.

Big congratulations to you and all the council members who have kept this place going and provided some sanctuary to us to escape from our day-to-day stresses.

Valar Morghulis

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