Muot-Trazom-Hart 15 seconds ago

2/3 p

Davinhox 1 minutes ago

can someone open a 6 player live game unranked with standard rules for me?

CraigSnow 13 minutes ago

6p live up

CraigSnow 16 minutes ago

did i lose my mot requirements just waiting in a room??? :aD

ylchen 27 minutes ago

any 3p live rated game?

Guisard 48 minutes ago

3p live up

CraigSnow 1 h 23 min ago

6p live up wth wldlings cards

Lupara 5 hours ago

Can anyone make a 6p PBEM RATED?

RedViper195288 5 hours ago

anyone for a live 6p game?

RedViper195288 6 hours ago


AbouyWithNoName 6 hours ago

can you make an unrated game ?

AbouyWithNoName 6 hours ago


AbouyWithNoName 7 hours ago


AbouyWithNoName 7 hours ago


Mel 8 hours ago

Join Season 10!

FallenAngel1131 8 hours ago


FallenAngel1131 8 hours ago

quick live

Andyshop 8 hours ago

3 Player rated up

Harakon 9 hours ago

thats why we have pbem games

pmer24 9 hours ago

Rarely able to commit to three solid hrs for live - plus my speed is slow since I play on my phone.

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