rangerbot 6 minutes ago

3p up

Harakon 32 minutes ago

just click on the game and on join on the left

Harakon 32 minutes ago

you as beginner can join blue and green games

MrPchops 53 minutes ago

Will the game "status" show "open" if you can join?

mckey 1 h 49 min ago

3p live pls

MrPchops 2 h 21 min ago

Can anyone create a pbem game i can join?

multipakas 3 hours ago

3p live up

Jimmymarshal 3 hours ago

6p rated live anyone?

Ali.Gh 5 hours ago

2/3 live cmon

ReturnOfTheMack 6 hours ago


ReturnOfTheMack 6 hours ago


strange_undead 7 hours ago

anyone for a full live game?

zzvxx 8 hours ago

3/6 6p live. Come and join.

ClaiMore 8 hours ago

3p live up and ready to go

ClaiMore 9 hours ago

3p live up

Beornegar 10 hours ago

No, it does not

Bonnici 10 hours ago

thanks. so concerning the march proper, it gets cancelled ... it does not remain with the tyrell fleet in WSS after they retreat

RHCP19 10 hours ago

and martell has to retreat

Ser Joseph 11 hours ago

and the ships stay in WSS

Ser Joseph 11 hours ago

loras get canceled and the march is removed

Do, or do not, there is no try.

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