TheReignOfChaos 1 minutes ago


Mr.Clyde 2 minutes ago

You are being at least disrespectful to the owner of the site, admins and users

Mr.Clyde 3 minutes ago

Dude relax with all this advertising. You made a forum thread, you informed everyone on chat. Stop repeating it

Gereon 40 minutes ago

Check out:

Gereon 40 minutes ago

Did you ever wish to play a 3/4/5p game with all 6 houses using vassals?

Kirill 1 h 24 min ago

5/6 LIVE

SAXON 1 h 50 min ago


maumastoks 2 h 45 min ago

6p fast+ blacksmith+ europe pbem created

Mel 4 hours ago

Last day to join!

Passente 7 hours ago

1 left

Passente 8 hours ago

3 p live

househotboi 8 hours ago

could we get a 3p live goin?

LMH 8 hours ago

@msold87 lol

msold87 9 hours ago

What you feel when you win the bid for fief:

msold87 9 hours ago

™Server 9 hours ago

You are the best, welcome back!

Do, or do not, there is no try.

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