Pegarteas 4 minutes ago

Sure, then check my requests in private message if possible Harakon Thanks

jusdan 5 minutes ago

gotcha. thanks!

Harakon 5 minutes ago

let me check the game first

Harakon 6 minutes ago

ignore the donation part

Harakon 6 minutes ago


Harakon 6 minutes ago

only super mots can create hostless and donating has little to do with it

Pegarteas 7 minutes ago

Harakon, yes, i sent you a private message

jusdan 7 minutes ago

dumb question, but how do i create a game and just back out? i only see abort... :/

strange_undead 8 minutes ago

/admin we need help pls join 226763

Harakon 11 minutes ago

you summoned me? /admin for quicker summoning

Pegarteas 12 minutes ago

Hello guys, is there any admin here? Need help

iSghic 15 minutes ago


MattJamison08 18 minutes ago

Thank you!

Pegarteas 18 minutes ago

Jezorrr, can you also make a private game for 6 players? Me and 5 other friends new here wanna play 6p standard game

MattJamison08 19 minutes ago


Kev36092 20 minutes ago

Random start. Pre muster. Tides of battle? Or is thay too nuts haha

Kev36092 20 minutes ago

Anyone down for an unrated live game

Jezorrr 20 minutes ago


Jwsundlie 21 minutes ago

i cant cause i already have a live

MattJamison08 22 minutes ago

Can someone make a game for new players?

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