Blaan 11 minutes ago

One more 3p is up

Blaan 1 h 21 min ago


Blaan 1 h 22 min ago

Rated game up

Bryska 1 h 43 min ago

2/3 live someone join please

Bryska 2 h 22 min ago

how I am supposed to get 5 games done, if there is no games

Daredevil Z 2 h 41 min ago

quick start, quick end

Daredevil Z 2 h 41 min ago


travis23 2 h 53 min ago

3plive's up

Bryska 6 hours ago

could you change it to unrated?

Daredevil Z 6 hours ago


eilon53 8 hours ago


Bryska 8 hours ago

some 2 players would like to join ?

eilon53 9 hours ago

2/3 live

laosiji 11 hours ago

3p live

Nicky 12 hours ago

Anyone 3p live?

Soda-can 15 hours ago

Hope to see some more of you with me, I'll try again for sure

Soda-can 17 hours ago

Pretty sure if y'all stuck around we'd get the table

Soda-can 18 hours ago

It's always midday somewhere

holtaf 18 hours ago

I’m not gonna play anyway. It’s too late for me.

Soda-can 18 hours ago

Any chance we get 6P live to 4/6?

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