Wouter 15 seconds ago

thanks mate

JM Grip 2 minutes ago

or read what I wrote

Harakon 4 minutes ago

join a game and find out

Jorkstra 12 minutes ago

new beta with wildlings cards?

JM Grip 14 minutes ago


Wouter 15 minutes ago

Our game (non-beta) is stuck in bidding, where do we log this to get it resolved the quickest?

JM Grip 22 minutes ago

issues of interest are mainly bidding and logging

JM Grip 23 minutes ago

Finish 10 games to get the new beta!!!

JM Grip 24 minutes ago

INFO: It's only a bugfix version, but needed before new beta

JM Grip 25 minutes ago

INFO: New beta. I need 10 finished games at least!

StaggerLee 32 minutes ago


StaggerLee 35 minutes ago

can anyone create a 6p live?

Gosciu 49 minutes ago


Gosciu 50 minutes ago

3p live?

Shunto 54 minutes ago

can someone start a live game, i need to get a game out to get MoT

Merlo Piccante 1 h 20 min ago

Yes, God.

JM Grip 1 h 30 min ago

INFO: We need a pre beta to ensure compatibily. Hope on your support to finish this quickly.

ytho 1 h 60 min ago

3p rated rdy

Dangermouse 2 h 41 min ago

Why thank you

Beornegar 2 h 44 min ago

3p live up

Sovereign...? Naaaah!

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