Ser Meat 19 minutes ago

MOT criteria here:

buptrh 23 minutes ago

Hi, Anyone know how can I get MOT approved? I've requested several days ago, and I think I meet all the requirements.

Ser Meat 30 minutes ago

Live 3p anyone?

Firosap 32 minutes ago

routed units can't march

Sean Snow 44 minutes ago

They can only defend

Sean Snow 45 minutes ago


Hurrakur 50 minutes ago

If I retreat to the area with march token, can I use it ? I mean can I attack with Routed Units (with 0 strenght) ?

Harakon 1 h 20 min ago

after 3 years still discovering new things

We_do_not_sow 1 h 21 min ago


We_do_not_sow 1 h 22 min ago


Harakon 1 h 22 min ago

you may want to scroll down i this link for that info

Harakon 1 h 23 min ago

Harakon 1 h 23 min ago

not in this chatbox

Sword of the Morning 1 h 39 min ago


Sword of the Morning 1 h 39 min ago

3p live up

We_do_not_sow 1 h 41 min ago

does not work

We_do_not_sow 1 h 42 min ago


rondeloff 1 h 51 min ago


Veressa 2 h 18 min ago

Any 3p live???

Johnno 2 h 32 min ago

2/6 unrated live up

The King shits, the Hand whipes...

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