Enrico 18 minutes ago


Marco Martell 29 minutes ago

Enrico - no speed for PBEM games and kicked 6 days ago - this doesn't sound well

Marco Martell 35 minutes ago

2 more needed

Marco Martell 41 minutes ago

If you have kicks and no justify it, you're not welcome

Marco Martell 51 minutes ago

I mean I look for people with similar experience, 51 games are also ok, if you don't have victories as all 6 houses, also

Marco Martell 1 h 1 min ago

fandream10, you're welcome as you don't have victories as all houses

Marco Martell 1 h 3 min ago

everyone not too experienced is welcome as long as he's fast in responding

Marco Martell 1 h 5 min ago

created for you Voctor

Voctor 1 h 17 min ago

Create a 3 or 6 players pbem please

Vivacious 1 h 38 min ago

2/3 p live

africasuperman 2 h 9 min ago

anyone can start new game?

neonek 2 h 30 min ago

gr8, thx!

We_do_not_sow 2 h 33 min ago

now it's on air

neonek 2 h 39 min ago

i vote for 4p live game - can some1 create pls?

Exiztense 2 h 40 min ago

Alright thanks

Lannie85 2 h 40 min ago

Only super MoT’s can, requirements for that only the site owner knows

Exiztense 2 h 47 min ago

When I host for someone, but I want to leave myself, how do I do this?

dalyn 2 h 58 min ago

please start a 3 or 4p live

Ver 3 hours ago

1 more for fast EU faceless PBEM!

Sean Snow 666 5 hours ago

Take care beyond the wall

Can he swing from a web? Oh, no!

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