Harakon 2 minutes ago

mot rights saretta?

Saretta91 6 minutes ago

3 live pls

Merlo Piccante 10 minutes ago

You have your password in your mailbox. Have fun!

HouseSnow 12 minutes ago

2nd edition, with Greyjoy

HouseSnow 13 minutes ago

Standard, live 4 player game, Merlo. Thanks for the help!

Merlo Piccante 13 minutes ago

But tell me everything, please: Live or PBEM? 1st or 2nd edition? Greyjoy or Tyrell?

Merlo Piccante 14 minutes ago

Tell me the setting you'd like to have for your game and I'll create a hostless game with password for you and your friends, HouseSnow

HouseSnow 16 minutes ago

And I could just ask for that in the chat?

Merlo Piccante 16 minutes ago

Love to be around here once in a while. I don't have all the time and willpower to play anymore, but still... Thronemaster is love.

BoyerQD 16 minutes ago

Basically they set it up and leave

BoyerQD 16 minutes ago

Someone can set up a hostless one for you

HouseSnow 19 minutes ago

If myself and 3 friends wanted to start a game, but no host rights, is there a way that we can still play just the 4 of us?

DarkWolfSVK 30 minutes ago

5/6 live

Enskive 32 minutes ago

5/6 live gogogo

CursedButLovely 47 minutes ago

6p live anyone?

geennaam 55 minutes ago


bloodandbloom 1 h 35 min ago

@Cursed it's up!

CursedButLovely 2 h 10 min ago

waiting for 6p live

Mattia Snow 2 h 11 min ago

3p live up

raynal 3 hours ago

2/3 live

Say somehting clever!

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