Alexdecroix 10 seconds ago

thks very much

Nice Marmot 1 minutes ago

made one

tworiverstabac 1 minutes ago

live or pbem?

tworiverstabac 1 minutes ago

i got you, one sec

Alexdecroix 3 minutes ago

can a MOT create a 6P game with TOB? plz

tworiverstabac 4 minutes ago

JM making moves!

18HopeCSF 13 minutes ago

That looks nice JM, thanks!

RJH 14 minutes ago

Very nice!

ElPopelos 21 minutes ago

Looking quite good! At a first glance, i'd say even cleaner than the normal version. I like the new tokenvisuals!

JM Grip 25 minutes ago

dark theme + wildling cards, but cards need some more days

JM Grip 25 minutes ago

Alexdecroix 28 minutes ago

what you will introduce in the beta versio?

JM Grip 32 minutes ago

INFO: new beta version this week

ehsan 39 minutes ago

live 3p

Nomaris 50 minutes ago

6p live is up. Have fun!

BEKWL 54 minutes ago


BEKWL 54 minutes ago

will someone host a 6player games, NOT RATED

Hallucigenia 55 minutes ago

pls 6P game public, waiting for 30mins!

HlavneSlusne 56 minutes ago

another 3p please?

We_do_not_sow 1 h 7 min ago

2/3 live

This is too much for me. Go away!

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