GIANZAPPARIA 10 minutes ago

...Hi everyone. I just hadn't logged in for years.

GIANZAPPARIA 10 minutes ago


MrPchops 31 minutes ago

Now 1!

MrPchops 32 minutes ago

Need 2 for pro game

geennaam 37 minutes ago


Stingraythejay 42 minutes ago

Moat Cailin simultaneously?

Stingraythejay 43 minutes ago

Am I correct though, that in a live game I'd be able to do what I want to do? Essentially march one unit to Pyke and one unit to

Stingraythejay 43 minutes ago

I was hoping to take both

Firosap 45 minutes ago

And winterfell is a better target than MC

Firosap 45 minutes ago

But you might as well take everything with you bc Lanni is marching in

Firosap 45 minutes ago

You can't split off one unit, youd have to split off two, before attacking

Stingraythejay 46 minutes ago

Thanks, appreciate it!

Firosap 47 minutes ago

i think thats because the last click has to be the battle, let me look at your game and see if I can think of anything

Stingraythejay 53 minutes ago

If I could I'd march into Moat Cailin and then move a piece to Pyke however the online game does not allow for this

Firosap 57 minutes ago

you need to figure out a series of steps that doesn't compromise supply at any point between start and end of march order

Stingraythejay 1 h 2 min ago

splitting up the army and therefore won't exceed my supply. How can I do this?

Stingraythejay 1 h 2 min ago

And also attack Moat Cailin, while leaving a unit in Seagard. It won't let me move a unit to Pyke because of supply but I'll be

Stingraythejay 1 h 3 min ago

In the game I want to split up my army but moving a unit to Pyke...

MrPchops 1 h 7 min ago

BEG pbem up!

Tsen Utara 3 hours ago

live 5/6

You fight like a dairy farmer.

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