sheldonvroom 2 h 57 min ago

2/3 unrated game is open

sheldonvroom 2 h 59 min ago

thanks but could u open 3p game?

Guess_the_Conqueror 3 hours ago

There you go sheldon

sheldonvroom 3 hours ago

i need 5 unrated game

sheldonvroom 3 hours ago


Azmodeus 3 hours ago

2/3 anyone?

18HopeCSF 3 hours ago

World Cup Players: It seems there's a problem with the Draw. Don't Join/Create Games. Go Check the Forum First!

Bruno5991 3 hours ago

thank you very much 18HopeCSF

18HopeCSF 4 hours ago

Just created a 6P Unrated game for you guys. Can be used for less players too

Lightbringer-er 4 hours ago

I do not have the ability to create hostless, sorry. Anyone else?

Bruno5991 4 hours ago

Any MoT create a live standard game please? Thanks

sheldonvroom 4 hours ago

any MoT create a unrated 3p game?

Lightbringer-er 4 hours ago

Still 2/3 for a fast game

sheldonvroom 4 hours ago

could someone create a game?

sheldonvroom 4 hours ago

i want to play unrated game

Tiguera 4 hours ago

2/3 fast game

jackpearson870817 4 hours ago

any MoT create a 6p live?Thanks

Marco Martell 5 hours ago

more on forum

Marco Martell 5 hours ago

don't join/create World Cup games as draw isn't good enough

LordArfen 5 hours ago


I could be your quote. ;)

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