strange_undead 10 minutes ago

5/6 live up, come join

Lord Braxden 33 minutes ago

Can some create 3or 4p live pro game

strange_undead 1 h 16 min ago

live game up, come join

EWMesdag 1 h 59 min ago

its up guys

Karijin 2 h 18 min ago


Signspree 2 h 24 min ago

Someone create 6p rated pbem pls

Onzej 2 h 57 min ago

thx guys for info <3

Onzej 2 h 57 min ago

shieeeet i need to make super fast movest myh nxt live game to make better performance ; )

Beornegar 3 hours ago

just click your username, you'll see every stat you need

Sean Snow 3 hours ago

0 kicks playa

Onzej 3 hours ago

where can i check my kick rate? i had pause on GoT for like a 2 years and i dont know if i ever was kicked : D

VAINglory 4 hours ago

i'll go to eat after 1 hour and it would take about 30 mins

Aidar 4 hours ago

5/6 guys one more

Alrakhmet 4 hours ago

5/6 live

Alrakhmet 4 hours ago

4/6 live

Aidar 4 hours ago

join, friends!!!

Topcat 4 hours ago

then make a 3p

MARVEL 4 hours ago

i wanted to start it as a 3p without seeing the 4th and 5eh,sorry guys

Aidar 4 hours ago

why would you agree then

MARVEL 4 hours ago

that room was not mine,a mot create it

You will suffer... muhahaaa!

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