Rock JJJ 44 minutes ago

one more live'

Barosan 49 minutes ago

2 more live 4/6

We_do_not_sow 52 minutes ago

game up

Barosan 52 minutes ago


Rock JJJ 52 minutes ago

could anyone create a live game?

Rock JJJ 52 minutes ago


Barosan 1 h 6 min ago

a live game pls

Harakon 1 h 17 min ago

no since martell text shoult prompt before you can use it

Sartoria 1 h 17 min ago

Can i use valyrian steel in a fight when Martell uses Doran?

HCl 1 h 22 min ago

live 5/6

damrej 1 h 29 min ago

Last day to join WCH2021 GoT Tournament :

Barosan 1 h 32 min ago

1 more for live 5/6

Blaan 1 h 38 min ago

2/3, last spot anyone?

Barosan 1 h 43 min ago

1 MORE 5/6 live

Sartoria 1 h 48 min ago


Harakon 1 h 50 min ago

it just cannot move into the area

Harakon 1 h 50 min ago

since it doesnt retreat

Harakon 1 h 50 min ago


Sartoria 1 h 53 min ago

Do i lose se when Martell uses Arianne?

Blaan 1 h 55 min ago

None for a live game? Last spot!

I never asked for this.

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