MaesterOppenheim 10 minutes ago

shoot I went out for a smoke sorry lord firestorm

BringerofWinter 13 minutes ago

I can make it rated if people prefer

BringerofWinter 13 minutes ago

if ppl would rather a rated game I can do that instead

BringerofWinter 14 minutes ago

live 6p up

Firestorm 29 minutes ago


Firestorm 29 minutes ago

Master Oppenheim?

smssf 2 h 17 min ago

any judge online?

smssf 2 h 17 min ago


smssf 2 h 18 min ago

any jugle?

yelawolf 2 h 42 min ago

change speed index

AlexanderBel 2 h 56 min ago

3p live up

NightmareAx 3 hours ago

lf 3p or 6p live

spartan109 4 hours ago

6p up

yelawolf 4 hours ago

can anyone open one game

MrMX 4 hours ago

what about a fast 3p?

Hellgatee 5 hours ago

6p anyone?

Aderen 6 hours ago

anyone to help me play trought the 5 unrated games?

Aderen 6 hours ago

really? i usually play the board game and just discovered the website. I can assure you I will not be a liabilty

Old Night 6 hours ago


fram ursul bipolar 6 hours ago


Are you boring or what?

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