Victoriously 1 minutes ago

can somebody host live game thx

Victoriously 13 minutes ago

3p rate Live game can somebody create or host Thx

Almodtam 22 minutes ago

live 3p up

Wulf6 46 minutes ago

live 3p up

Beersunny 1 h 25 min ago

3p live up

Madoxx 1 h 36 min ago

can someone make 3p live?

Wulf6 1 h 41 min ago

fast live 3p up

Madoxx 1 h 54 min ago

1/6 live

Sigurdsson 2 h 0 min ago

ylchen why don't you have MoT rights?

Almodtam 2 h 1 min ago

What kind of?

ylchen 2 h 3 min ago

any 3p live game?

Harakon 2 h 57 min ago

Quest- instead of complaining you could a) ask nicely or b) get mot rights yourself

Quest 3 hours ago

does no MoT ever opens a PBEM games that are not locked, beta or whatever??

Almodtam 3 hours ago

Hostfree only unrated. That’s it

Victoriously 3 hours ago

cheers mate

Almodtam 3 hours ago

Done, unfortunately unrated. Thought I‘ve chosen rated.

Victoriously 4 hours ago

can somebody create a hostless game 3p or 6 rated gracias

Victoriously 4 hours ago

3p live game plz

yuzijing 4 hours ago

can someone create a live?

MiHaa 5 hours ago

3P live up

Can I call you ‘Bob’?

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