Smagic. 59 seconds ago

3Qvery much

Smagic. 1 minutes ago

any bule live?

JohnnySnowy 4 minutes ago

Any suggestion?

JohnnySnowy 4 minutes ago

I'm having problems uploading an image to upgrade my profile. I click on choose file, then i select the image but nothing happen

KING JORRIT 8 minutes ago

I did already with a very long text too

Lannie85 9 minutes ago

Public shaming isn’t helping either, report people who you think are breaking the rules

KING JORRIT 11 minutes ago

@maxillusion he will not improve the community, he was trolling the whole game and also insulted other players

Seeker 12 minutes ago

3p live?

Enzo 18 minutes ago

6p live rated opened

Arczi100 23 minutes ago

anyone live not ranked?

maxillusion 38 minutes ago

so if you read what kingmaking is and you think it happened in your game - report them and you will help improve the community

maxillusion 38 minutes ago

But it is forbidden to stay idle and let another player win if you can stop them (it is called Kingmaking)

maxillusion 39 minutes ago

You can read the rules and if you think they broke them - you can report. It is not forbidden to be allies since turn 1

Give Me Back My Legions 43 minutes ago

what a beautiful game

Give Me Back My Legions 43 minutes ago

it's nice when 2 houses are allied since turn 1 or before the starting of the game and they just don't attack eachother xD

ryuk92 1 h 21 min ago

2 more

Biggus Dickus 1 h 26 min ago

thanks m8!

maumastoks 1 h 26 min ago

3p unranked live created

Biggus Dickus 1 h 28 min ago

I'm live, and unranked. Could someone please create a game?

Arczi100 1 h 40 min ago

not ranked

Can I call you ‘Bob’?

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