First Sword of Braavos 6 minutes ago

make a game if you want to play

First Sword of Braavos 1 h 27 min ago

1/6 also down to start with 3

PetePorty 4 hours ago

Report them

vin379 4 hours ago

What to do about a player that has multi accounts? Possibly up to 4 in the same game?

Iyyillius 6 hours ago

Live 6 rated?

NEWolFF 9 hours ago

create again westeros phase?

Icyg00s3 9 hours ago

Could someone please PM me the easiest way to add an avatar pic. Probably simple but I’m struggling to do it!! 😂

Dmac 10 hours ago

Live 5 would even be nice

msold87 10 hours ago

its up

Dmac 10 hours ago


wheem 10 hours ago

I'm so desperate for a live 6 i would do anything

Corsairxt 10 hours ago


Corsairxt 10 hours ago

can someone please create live 6 player game?

Corsairxt 10 hours ago

live 6 plz

wheem 10 hours ago

how do i delete shout

wheem 10 hours ago

LIVE 6 LIVE pamplemousse joiner

Enskive 10 hours ago

Sorru hit the wrong button

Dmac 10 hours ago

live 6p please?

msold87 10 hours ago

can we get new 6 player game?

NEWolFF 10 hours ago

someone can create a live game pls?

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