MintBrad 37 minutes ago


MintBrad 40 minutes ago

4 person game, can PBEM if people worried about late start

MintBrad 46 minutes ago


Tiguera 59 minutes ago

Fast 3p UP

MintBrad 1 h 4 min ago

fly-- gonna make it 4 player for a quicker game

MintBrad 1 h 7 min ago

6 player live up, can create 3 or 4 plyer if not enough interest

jmbp 1 h 14 min ago

esta dizendo que minha conta não esta autorizada a participar de nenhum jgo

jmbp 1 h 14 min ago

pq não posso jogar?

Jlast01 1 h 40 min ago

6p live pls

The_Hound 1 h 56 min ago


Tiguera 2 h 7 min ago


The_Hound 2 h 11 min ago

3p live rated up

Gordalicious 2 h 22 min ago

5/6 you know you want to!

Gordalicious 2 h 24 min ago

4/6 live! Come play!!

Philipp2407 2 h 28 min ago


18HopeCSF 2 h 36 min ago

@Philipp2407: You can decide not to support someone, but you always support yourself.

Philipp2407 2 h 45 min ago

Can you decide not do support yourself / someone? For example in order to use Asha's effect?

The_Hound 3 hours ago


The_Hound 3 hours ago

3p live rated up

Sean Snow 666 3 hours ago

I found out the hard way

Say somehting clever!

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