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Viscount 9 minutes ago


Viscount 20 minutes ago


earthshaker 23 minutes ago

and gj never said a word, while bara kept yapping his mouth off

Viscount 23 minutes ago


earthshaker 23 minutes ago

they came from the same area

Viscount 23 minutes ago

I remade, i didnt see jamie disconnected.

earthshaker 23 minutes ago

bara was consistently helping gj against lanni. bids, support

Viscount 24 minutes ago

dang report him

earthshaker 25 minutes ago

antaeus and ipher

earthshaker 25 minutes ago

we just caught a person playing 2 accounts, CHEATERS

haydenreed 27 minutes ago

i cant see your game viscount??

Viscount 30 minutes ago


haydenreed 34 minutes ago

ahhhhh missed it

JaimeOneHandLannister 39 minutes ago

Viscount, c3ph4lz3d, haydenreed

JaimeOneHandLannister 41 minutes ago

4p rated up

JaimeOneHandLannister 44 minutes ago


JaimeOneHandLannister 47 minutes ago

rated 6p up

Viscount 53 minutes ago


haydenreed 59 minutes ago

id do a 4p live

Viscount 1 h 4 min ago

no one wants to play eh?

You fight like a dairy farmer.

The Great Houses

The Houses of Westeros

During the time of A Song of Ice and Fire in which A Game of Thrones: The Board Game is set, the following Houses are the principal players in the struggle for the Iron Throne.

House Baratheon “Ours is the Fury”

The troubled but strong-willed family of Robert Baratheon, the late King, holds the strongest claim of succession to the Iron Throne.

House Lannister “Hear Me Roar”

An ambitious family whose rich gold mines and relentless cunning has made them a formidable and dangerous power in the realm.

House Stark “Winter is Coming”

A reclusive family with honorable traditions that has been reluctantly pulled into the game of thrones.

House Tyrell “Growing Strong”

Even as their fertile lands are considered the heart of chivalry in Westeros, this proud family has never sat upon the Iron Throne; a fact it hopes to soon correct.

House Greyjoy “We Do Not Sow”

Nurturing wounds from its failed rebellion, this bitter clan has bided its time to once more launch its longships upon the western coasts of Westeros.

House Martell “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”

Fierce and unforgiving, this ancient family has thrived and grown powerful under the scorching sun of Dorne.
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