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tsgroza 8 minutes ago
El_Pharao 14 minutes ago
ok thx
Lord of Bones 15 minutes ago
Just had a abort a 6 player live in the first round, so a new one should be opening soon
El_Pharao 21 minutes ago
any live game?
MembersOnly 33 minutes ago
6 player rated still open
thetruth567 41 minutes ago
Anyone want to play live unrated?
MembersOnly 49 minutes ago
2 spots left
MembersOnly 57 minutes ago
Rated game open
MembersOnly 58 minutes ago
if you leave a power token before you leave, the ship stays and you control it. If you don't the ship is immediately destroyed
rigoberto13 59 minutes ago
Character limits and all that jazz
rigoberto13 1 h 1 min ago
Question was valid. Phrased slightly confusing. I own someone's home territory, but I have to move from it.
nexus 1 h 2 min ago
that would be awful1
Teugata 1 h 5 min ago
As theres no way to leave a ship in a port of an area you dont control
gardener 1 h 5 min ago
im in for a live game if anyone is interested
Teugata 1 h 5 min ago
also, you can not attack a port from sea with boats, rendering your question itself invalid
rigoberto13 1 h 5 min ago
Teugata 1 h 6 min ago
a token, theyre gone, if some1 takes the area he can choose to keep the ships as his own
Teugata 1 h 6 min ago
Nop, also if you leave or lose an area with a port with ships, you lose those ships, if you simply leave the area and dont leave
rigoberto13 1 h 8 min ago
if I leave a ship in the port of someone else's territory, does that count as owning the territory?
radubotezatu 1 h 15 min ago
1 more spot for live unrated, a training game for friendly people
I never asked for this.

The Great Houses

The Houses of Westeros

During the time of A Song of Ice and Fire in which A Game of Thrones: The Board Game is set, the following Houses are the principal players in the struggle for the Iron Throne.

House Baratheon “Ours is the Fury”

The troubled but strong-willed family of Robert Baratheon, the late King, holds the strongest claim of succession to the Iron Throne.

House Lannister “Hear Me Roar”

An ambitious family whose rich gold mines and relentless cunning has made them a formidable and dangerous power in the realm.

House Stark “Winter is Coming”

A reclusive family with honorable traditions that has been reluctantly pulled into the game of thrones.

House Tyrell “Growing Strong”

Even as their fertile lands are considered the heart of chivalry in Westeros, this proud family has never sat upon the Iron Throne; a fact it hopes to soon correct.

House Greyjoy “We Do Not Sow”

Nurturing wounds from its failed rebellion, this bitter clan has bided its time to once more launch its longships upon the western coasts of Westeros.

House Martell “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”

Fierce and unforgiving, this ancient family has thrived and grown powerful under the scorching sun of Dorne.
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