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Boony003 4 minutes ago
Yay live
KingSlater 6 minutes ago
thank you so much
Aranjuez 7 minutes ago
6 live unrated open - only fast players pls
KingSlater 24 minutes ago
QwaZy 25 minutes ago
Join at A Lion's Yellow Iron Ice
QwaZy 27 minutes ago
Me too
TheDwarf 28 minutes ago
Need a beginners game !
KingSlater 38 minutes ago
havent finished my third game yet haha
KingSlater 38 minutes ago
no biggie. ive just been stuck in like 10 pbem games
Trishot 42 minutes ago
woops lol. Well if not many more join maybe it will be converted to unrated?
KingSlater 44 minutes ago
curse you professional games...
Trishot 48 minutes ago
we are already in alregin's game
KingSlater 49 minutes ago
cant create, who can
airegin 50 minutes ago
new live
Trishot 52 minutes ago
im still here. live game someone?
KingSlater 54 minutes ago
live live live live
KingSlater 1 h 3 min ago
down for any live game right now
Trishot 1 h 4 min ago
yes I'm up for live 6p
cirodf 1 h 6 min ago
open live 6p please
Trishot 1 h 12 min ago
anyone? perhaps a 3 player or 4 player?
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The Great Houses

The Houses of Westeros

During the time of A Song of Ice and Fire in which A Game of Thrones: The Board Game is set, the following Houses are the principal players in the struggle for the Iron Throne.

House Baratheon “Ours is the Fury”

The troubled but strong-willed family of Robert Baratheon, the late King, holds the strongest claim of succession to the Iron Throne.

House Lannister “Hear Me Roar”

An ambitious family whose rich gold mines and relentless cunning has made them a formidable and dangerous power in the realm.

House Stark “Winter is Coming”

A reclusive family with honorable traditions that has been reluctantly pulled into the game of thrones.

House Tyrell “Growing Strong”

Even as their fertile lands are considered the heart of chivalry in Westeros, this proud family has never sat upon the Iron Throne; a fact it hopes to soon correct.

House Greyjoy “We Do Not Sow”

Nurturing wounds from its failed rebellion, this bitter clan has bided its time to once more launch its longships upon the western coasts of Westeros.

House Martell “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”

Fierce and unforgiving, this ancient family has thrived and grown powerful under the scorching sun of Dorne.
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