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Burnsy9230 41 minutes ago

1 more for 6p live!

Fight or Flight Ya Right 47 minutes ago

3p ToB unrated! Live

Burnsy9230 47 minutes ago

1 more for live

Burnsy9230 55 minutes ago

1 more

spence1818 55 minutes ago

1 more needed for live 6p!

Burnsy9230 1 h 3 min ago

6p Live here! 4 more

juca 1 h 6 min ago

6p live is up

Nico_Minoru 1 h 7 min ago

yes, some live please!! ^_^

Ser Killalot 1 h 10 min ago


MotherShabooboo 1 h 35 min ago

5/6p live

MotherShabooboo 1 h 47 min ago

6p live up

Muaddib53 2 h 13 min ago

3 players live game up, 1 p more to start

Darth Swadron 2 h 36 min ago

3p up

Asmodean 2 h 49 min ago

6p tides is up

ykarian 3 hours ago

3p live up

Haremheb 3 hours ago

last place in 6p live

Kalon 4 hours ago

thank you

Haremheb 4 hours ago

it is there

Kalon 4 hours ago

Please create a 6P live unrated please? Need my 5 games

Ruubn 4 hours ago


The King shits, the Hand whipes...

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Random Start Positions - A fun feature for unrated games?
48.5% Yes
8.1% No
43.4% I would try it
0% Other
2017-Feb-24: Random Start Positions - A fun feature for unrated games?
2016-Sep-01: Should it be easier to get oneself replaced in unrated games?
2016-Mar-07: Do you like the new watch counter in LIVE games?
2016-Feb-02: Giving up on the 'Player Elimination' system?
2015-Oct-29: Blacklist Option - Keep it or not?
2015-Sep-28: Your next most favoured game feature?
2015-Jun-30: What is bugging you most on THRONEMASTER.NET?
2015-Jun-01: Would you support an expiration time for player kicks?
2015-May-18: Should the House Picking function be disabled by default?
2015-Mar-16: You lost after attacking. Which unit is more valuable to you?
2015-Jan-12: Do you want to keep the House selection option for rated games?
2015-Jan-05: What do you think of our report system?
2014-Nov-28: Allowed idle time of PBEM games?
2014-Sep-30: Should we keep our "International" forum section?
2014-Sep-19: Custom option 'Quickie' with only 6 instead of 10 rounds?
2014-Aug-15: How would you rate the new pie charts on the user profile page?
2014-Aug-06: Would you accept Bruno Rios to become JUDGE?
2014-Aug-06: Would you accept Lannie85 to become JUDGE?
2014-Aug-06: Would you accept Peaches to become JUDGE?
2014-Aug-06: Would you accept JakeZF to become MODERATOR?
2014-Aug-06: Would you accept ComMac to become MODERATOR?
2014-Jul-16: Garrison feature ready for release?
2014-Jul-08: Do you like our new navigation icons?
2014-Jun-30: Should Asha's text ability (1st Edition) also affect port areas?
2014-Mar-20: Do you wish a 1st april edition again?
2014-Feb-19: How did you find thronemaster.net?
2014-Feb-12: Would you support a limitation to join new games?
2014-Feb-04: Will you watch the 4th season of 'Game Of Thrones'?
2013-Nov-19: New navigation menu. Do you like it?
2013-Sep-13: More regulations for joining live games?
2013-Aug-02: Would you allow spectators to participate in the game chat?
2013-Jun-20: Alternative /votewin or /voteend instead of /voteabort?
2013-Jun-13: Are these 'please join!' messages in the shoutbox annoying to you?
2013-Jun-12: Why do you abort games most commonly?
2013-Jun-06: How to handle orders you must not use?
2013-Jun-03: Routed units in their own color + transparency effect?
2013-May-28: Should any MoT be able to create a poll?
2013-May-15: Should alliances be public knowledge?
2013-Apr-18: Which player do you fear most?
2013-Apr-17: How to handle password protected games?
2013-Mar-15: Greyjoy is too strong? Your suggestion to rebalance the game start.
2013-Jan-24: Should games with kicked players count for the ranking?
2013-Jan-18: Minimum number of finished games to get ranked?
2013-Jan-03: Probably your most used feature in a mobile optimized website?
2012-Dec-07: What do you miss most on this website?
2012-Nov-16: Which influence track is in your opinion the least important?
2012-Sep-13: Would you like further custom game options?
2012-Aug-20: Offline meeting for LIVE play or barbecue?
2012-Aug-09: Forum ranks, global game scores and more statistics?
2012-Jul-24: Would you like the possibility to switch off turn notification emails?
2012-May-10: What are the most balanced house cards?
2012-Apr-25: Did you already use the TeamSpeak server?
2012-Apr-17: Do you use the game review feature?
2012-Apr-13: Do you read Martin's 'A Song of Ice & Fire' book series?
2012-Apr-12: Do you watch the 'Game of Thrones' TV serial?
2012-Mar-29: Do you use mobile devices?
2012-Mar-14: How would you rate our server's response time?
2012-Feb-29: Do you like our forum?
2012-Feb-07: Would you like area highlighting?
2012-Feb-03: Do you wish to blacklist other players?
2012-Jan-26: What is the next game feature you wish to have?
2012-Jan-11: What do you want to be implemented next?
2012-Jan-05: Do you like our new website?
2012-Jan-03: How did you find this website?
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