Enskive 15 minutes ago

You are just to slow, old host your own game for slow players

Fredward40hands 19 minutes ago


Fredward40hands 19 minutes ago

will only accept "very fast" players. and loses time svings by rejecting everyone and delaying game start

Lannie85 20 minutes ago

Maybe another reason. And only super MoT’s can set a speed filter

Fredward40hands 30 minutes ago

guy doesn't even have a live game speed and yet I get kicked with a fast?

Arcanjo 42 minutes ago


Chrochtik 57 minutes ago

thanks! 2/3 live!

Chrochtik 59 minutes ago

unrated pls

tyreese 59 minutes ago

Rated or unrated?

Chrochtik 1 h 10 min ago

Is there any MoT to crate a 3p live pls no restrictions

Chrochtik 1 h 14 min ago

can someone create live 6p no restrctions pls

Chrochtik 1 h 19 min ago


Lannie85 1 h 20 min ago


Chrochtik 1 h 31 min ago

? I have finished 5 games

Chrochtik 1 h 31 min ago

hey guys how I become MOT

Arsalan56 1 h 58 min ago

poliansky start bro!

Arsalan56 1 h 59 min ago

last spot, 6p live!

Miska203 2 h 8 min ago

tow more 6p life

ipolianskiy0017 2 h 16 min ago

Come on two more for 6P life

ipolianskiy0017 2 h 20 min ago

4/6 life

You fight like a dairy farmer.

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