LittleSlater 4 hours ago


XQstorm 5 hours ago

4/6 live

Epoch 6 hours ago

6p live up

Iyyillius 6 hours ago

6 live rated up

Valentina75 7 hours ago

4p random

NASH13 7 hours ago

5/6 live

Tiguera 8 hours ago

Fast 3p UP

Jay595 8 hours ago


Tiguera 8 hours ago

Fast 3p UP

Epoch 8 hours ago

is there a way to play with the wildling cards from 2e? i see it's in Beta when i go to create match, but with no way to select.

mulqmook 10 hours ago

2/3 for live

Tanolas 11 hours ago

any 3plive ?

MotherShabooboo 11 hours ago

4/6p live

Don Tino 11 hours ago

Live game online!

Opal Koboi 11 hours ago

can some make a live game plz

csz88 11 hours ago

could somebody please create a live? thanks

Opal Koboi 11 hours ago

I can't create games, though

csz88 12 hours ago

me too

Opal Koboi 12 hours ago

Id be up for it

Tanolas 12 hours ago

3p live maybe ?

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How To Play A Game of Thrones?

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The rules of the 1st edition and its expansion sets are slightly different than in this video described. Be aware of this fact when playing with new players or on any online platform!
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