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Nicky 11 minutes ago

3/6 for 6p live

GeneralVer 11 minutes ago

3/6 live up

GeneralVer 17 minutes ago

3p live up

Nicky 37 minutes ago

Live game anyone?

Sean_Snow 4 hours ago

3p up for u

potato 5 hours ago

come on 3p ,man

potato 5 hours ago


MrMX 9 hours ago

sean, would you be up for a 3p?

Sean_Snow 12 hours ago

1 more for 6. Come save us

Sean_Snow 12 hours ago

Some one save us. 5 of 6

konrad98ft 12 hours ago

come on gues sweet last spot

konrad98ft 12 hours ago


konrad98ft 12 hours ago


konrad98ft 12 hours ago


konrad98ft 12 hours ago

let's switch to 6p. we just finished one, so it will get full quickly

omriex7 12 hours ago

3p live 2/3

Sean_Snow 15 hours ago

Redo up

Soda-can 15 hours ago


Sean_Snow 15 hours ago


Soda-can 16 hours ago

Don't talk down to me.

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Marshall Schmukov
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Topic: Drafted House Cards Rule Variant
Posted: 2022-Apr-04 11:45
Hi all!

Ive had the idea for a while for a game variant where, at the start of the game, the players "draft" their house card deck.

I picture a "ladder" format for card picking, with randomized draft order each game.

For example:

Random draft order:


Lan picks Roose
Tyrell picks Baylon
Bara picks Loras
GJ picks Victarian
Stark picks Doran
Martell picks Viper

Martell picks Gregor
Stark picks Eddard
GJ picks Salador
Bara picks QoT
Tyrell picks Arianne
Lan picks Garlan

Lan picks Brienne

... and so on until all cards picked

I know the game is perfectly balanced and this probably is a worse game mode than normal, but wanted to check. Maybe combined with random start locations first so you can pick the right cards for your location...

Let me know your thoughts!

I have no programming skills so couldnt support it.
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Topic: Drafted House Cards Rule Variant
Posted: 2022-Apr-04 11:58
Checkout where drafting is already supported.
You can even use the DwD, FfC, MoD and ASoS house cards for drafting or limit the available house cards to the game setup you use (only base cards, e.g.)

Cheers 🍻
Arya horse face

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Topic: Drafted House Cards Rule Variant
Posted: 2022-May-28 16:36
I agree that a draft variant would be really interesting and I think would be the biggest addition to increase the replayability of the game on this site. I would add that drafting start position and influence track positions in addition to house cards should be included.

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