Folly99 34 minutes ago

If you are intrested in participating and representing your country in the GOT worldcup check out the forum!

Menegroth 41 minutes ago

One more to start a 3p game!

Mord 1 h 45 min ago

so after that time you may rejoin

Mord 1 h 45 min ago

its a 10 minute timer from when you were kicked

the count 1 h 46 min ago

yeah I was afk. Now I cannot rejoin. Ah well

Mord 1 h 47 min ago

sorry if we arent filled by the time you can rejoin you are welcome back

Mord 1 h 47 min ago

you wouldnt ready up and did not respond

the count 1 h 47 min ago

if you hadnt kicked me we would be started!

the count 1 h 48 min ago

sorry was afk.

Mord 1 h 51 min ago


rangerbot 2 h 38 min ago


rangerbot 2 h 38 min ago

live 3p up

jotb 2 h 42 min ago

there's a 3-6 player regular game open

Malkav 2 h 44 min ago

No 6 player Match?

jotb 2 h 45 min ago

2/3 rated live

rangerbot 2 h 48 min ago

rated pls

rangerbot 2 h 49 min ago

3p ya

jotb 2 h 49 min ago

you want a regular live game?

rangerbot 2 h 51 min ago

create live pls

rangerbot 2 h 56 min ago

someone able to create a 3plive RATED ?

Hail to the Seven Kingdoms, baby!

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