18HopeCSF 7 minutes ago

Raise you cups for the Aegon Targaryen of Football: Diego Maradona. The One and Only. RIP.

Hoplit 1 h 45 min ago

2/3 live, one spot left

BringerofWinter 1 h 57 min ago

RIP legend

Doru11 2 h 10 min ago

AD10S Diego...

Ramoin 2 h 11 min ago

RIP Diego

euuuuuvvvvvv 2 h 20 min ago


Guess_the_Conqueror 2 h 23 min ago

Adiós Pibe

Lord Sustancia 2 h 29 min ago

RIP Greatest of them all. Diego Armando Maradona.

IronStandsEternal 3 hours ago


IronStandsEternal 3 hours ago


Madoxx 4 hours ago

somehow i dont have mot rights

0djoe 4 hours ago


Harakon 4 hours ago

you could with mot rights

Madoxx 4 hours ago

can someone make 3p live?

LordAlexander 4 hours ago

3 players game 1 hOUR MAX Wildlings cards

eilon53 5 hours ago


FreemonMark 6 hours ago

can u let me in 3 p game? i am fast player

smnmslh 6 hours ago

anyone can create 3p live ?

RHCP19 7 hours ago

6p live up

NightmareAx 7 hours ago

3p live come on

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