Necrarch 16 seconds ago

New season already started, Mike. Sorry But you can subscribe for the next one in the Forum thread.

mikaakemeny 18 minutes ago

guys, can i still join the ice and fire tournament?

z514117781 27 minutes ago

3p live

mikaakemeny 31 minutes ago

how do i join the tournament?

RedWombat 56 minutes ago

6p pro non-tournament game is up : AGreyjoyNeverPayHisDebt

scherdin 1 h 22 min ago


Drizzt14 1 h 42 min ago

I'm up for a live game, but can't play ranked

scherdin 1 h 44 min ago

6pl live pro up

Davinhox 1 h 47 min ago

somebody wanna play a live game ???

jpacmelo 2 h 24 min ago

6p live up

RedViper195288 2 h 24 min ago


jpacmelo 2 h 26 min ago

rated or unrated?

JohnTheKing 2 h 26 min ago

yes i want to play live

RedViper195288 2 h 28 min ago

anyone for a live 6p game?

Teugata 3 hours ago

any admin online to verify a friends new account?

JohnTheKing 3 hours ago

some live game?

Beornegar 3 hours ago

public beta ended last month

JohnTheKing 3 hours ago

6p live?

FallenAngel1131 3 hours ago

quick 3p live up

Davinhox 3 hours ago

somebody wanna play a live game ???

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