Dexolin 1 minutes ago


Dexolin 2 minutes ago

Fast, pro 3p up!

Sartoria 11 minutes ago

How can i download a game to review it later?

godgreen 22 minutes ago

joke 1/6

eilon53 39 minutes ago


bigchiefs 1 h 19 min ago

3p live up

eilon53 1 h 45 min ago


GeneralVer 2 h 34 min ago

final spot 3p live

Sartoria 3 hours ago

1 more for 6p live!

Sartoria 3 hours ago

6p live pro up!

mulgy 7 hours ago

2 out of more!!!

Maximmus 7 hours ago


DaanSengers 8 hours ago

1p needed for 3p live game

DaanSengers 8 hours ago

3p live up

Italiano 9 hours ago

Go 4 live

cavalier40 12 hours ago

Hey y'all, 6 player live up!

TheReignOfChaos 13 hours ago

still just setting orders lol

GeneralVer 14 hours ago

tell us your findings

TheReignOfChaos 14 hours ago

probably. ill go for it

TheReignOfChaos 14 hours ago

it is connected but is that the same as adjacent for qot?

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