Juice31 58 minutes ago

any one want to play and create live game

yjmshinibaba 9 hours ago

make some really stupid mistake hahaha

NaKraWedzi 9 hours ago

In 6p game, before round 10 it is not enough to have 6 castles es to win a game? 2019 tiebreaker rule. Ive red it in forum

Rusername 9 hours ago

can you imagine footman helping in sea battle?

yjmshinibaba 9 hours ago

really confused by this details

yjmshinibaba 9 hours ago

so when battle in sea, the support from mainland doesn‘t account?

Passente 9 hours ago

3 p live 1 left

Passente 9 hours ago

3 p live 2 left

Passente 10 hours ago

4 p live

troydemarsey 15 hours ago

2/3 live

eilon53 15 hours ago


El_Pony_Pisador 16 hours ago

roll up roll up - 1 more for a quick 4

sydneygas 16 hours ago

one more folks

sydneygas 16 hours ago

unrated and a bit of fun, no PBEM soz

sydneygas 16 hours ago

3/4p Live, Old map, Drowned Pike, Strengthened Oldtown

Blaan 18 hours ago

5/6, last spot anyone?

Blaan 18 hours ago


b00yashaka 18 hours ago

I wish I had more time

Mandy Storm 18 hours ago

6p live who wants in

yjmshinibaba 20 hours ago

thanks! help me a lot

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