The Outsider 2 minutes ago

How can I improve my speed index? I can't host, can't join rated games, can't join unrated in cause of default speed index

The Outsider 2 minutes ago

Hi there! It's my first time here on net, but I played The Boardgame a lot

Vessell 2 minutes ago

guys who can create game pls?

erathirea 4 minutes ago


Joker 6 minutes ago

/bids in chatbox

erathirea 9 minutes ago

How can you tell who hasn't bid on the influence tracks?

Vessell 10 minutes ago

can anybody create 6p live game please?

Rookie 38 minutes ago

I need a 3p live game ~~~

Rookie 44 minutes ago

Hi, please create a 3p live game ,thank you

skribbz 2 h 58 min ago

Still need 1 more to start a 3p live!

skribbz 3 hours ago

2/3p live!

Azmodeus 4 hours ago

3 Player Championship! 4 days left!

DaanSengers 4 hours ago

3p live up

DaanSengers 5 hours ago

Oh, it's already there

DaanSengers 5 hours ago

Yes, I will create one

18HopeCSF 5 hours ago

Done Tarzan!

TheTarzan 5 hours ago

can someone create live 3p?

SerGordon 6 hours ago


DaanSengers 6 hours ago

How do I set up a 4p with the south of the map closed?

SerGordon 6 hours ago

3p up

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