maxillusion 5 minutes ago

so if you read what kingmaking is and you think it happened in your game - report them and you will help improve the community

maxillusion 5 minutes ago

But it is forbidden to stay idle and let another player win if you can stop them (it is called Kingmaking)

maxillusion 6 minutes ago

You can read the rules and if you think they broke them - you can report. It is not forbidden to be allies since turn 1

Give Me Back My Legions 10 minutes ago

what a beautiful game

Give Me Back My Legions 10 minutes ago

it's nice when 2 houses are allied since turn 1 or before the starting of the game and they just don't attack eachother xD

ryuk92 47 minutes ago

2 more

Biggus Dickus 53 minutes ago

thanks m8!

maumastoks 53 minutes ago

3p unranked live created

Biggus Dickus 55 minutes ago

I'm live, and unranked. Could someone please create a game?

Arczi100 1 h 8 min ago

not ranked

Arczi100 1 h 9 min ago

anyone live?

Sean Snow 1 h 20 min ago


TheFatShepherd 1 h 38 min ago

Its up

ryuk92 1 h 48 min ago

live 6p fast

Dagonarian 2 h 29 min ago

nickkoshy c`on

nickkoshy 2 h 34 min ago

live fast 3p game up

Arczi100 3 hours ago


Nomaris 3 hours ago

@arczi opened a 3p live unrated for you.

101tje 3 hours ago

there are several live games up

Arczi100 3 hours ago

im looking for game live/ have 3 games finished

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