LarryStark 25 minutes ago

anyone wanna create an online game? 3p?

nickkoshy 1 h 30 min ago

we can do rated or unrated

nickkoshy 1 h 32 min ago

anyone interested in a 6p game

ll-Swords 4 hours ago

3p live

ll-Swords 4 hours ago

could you create an unrated one pls ?

nickkoshy 4 hours ago

Hey madoxx, finish bidding on our pbem game while waiting

Madoxx 5 hours ago

3 live up

nickkoshy 5 hours ago

6p game anyone?

ll-Swords 5 hours ago

3p live anyone?

Mailman88 5 hours ago

2/3 live up

Madoxx 6 hours ago


LordAlexander 6 hours ago

hurry up! only one spot free

LordAlexander 6 hours ago

2/3 hurry up

MiHaa 7 hours ago

3P live up

thomasyeah 7 hours ago


Beornegar 8 hours ago

In 3p southern areas are inaccessible, 4p variant there are neutral force tokens in south, (like Eyrie)

Seral 8 hours ago

Which style of game is it where the bottom halfof map is unavailable

euuuuuvvvvvv 8 hours ago

we need one more player

QuackN8ion 8 hours ago

2/3 live

QuackN8ion 9 hours ago

okay 3p up

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