geennaam 11 seconds ago

you got it

Rookie 1 minutes ago

need a unrated game .. thank you

FPLdraft 24 minutes ago

Can someone please host a private 4p beginner game

A Whart 32 minutes ago

3p live rated up

Azmodeus 56 minutes ago

Checkout the 3player tournament!

BringerofWinter 3 hours ago

Live 3p up

SansaLydia 4 hours ago

3p rated game. come on now.

Zebbers 5 hours ago

Apparently 1 game made my speed index too high?

18HopeCSF 5 hours ago

Game created @Zebbers!

Zebbers 5 hours ago

@18Hope this is a new account, can I still join?

Zebbers 5 hours ago

That works for me.

18HopeCSF 5 hours ago

@Zebbers: Still waiting for that 4P? We have with Greyjoy o with Tyrell, let me know...

Zebbers 5 hours ago

Can anyone make a 4p fast unranked?

Zebbers 7 hours ago

2 more for open 6p

Goldenzzz 7 hours ago

4/6 in live, unrated 6p

Tiguera 7 hours ago


windiz 7 hours ago

4/6 in live 6p

Patchy McPatchface 7 hours ago

Where'd you go Tiguera? I canceled my game to join yours

Tiguera 7 hours ago

fast 3p up

Zebbers 8 hours ago

How long do the intro games typically take to fire?

We don't serve yer kind here!

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