Shaun Baun 3 minutes ago

Thank you for the game Mandy

Mandy Storm 7 minutes ago

Clicked wrong side come join

omriex7 7 minutes ago

6p live 5/6

Mandy Storm 7 minutes ago

Sorry i accidentally aborted last game

omriex7 8 minutes ago

come join Mandy

Mandy Storm 8 minutes ago

I started new one join if you dare

initiate 8 minutes ago

Why are you so salty? Have a nice game anyway. No need to be rude when we haven't even played once.

Mandy Storm 9 minutes ago

I am sorry initiate

Mandy Storm 10 minutes ago

6p live up need one more

Mandy Storm 11 minutes ago

Language barrier

Mandy Storm 11 minutes ago

No thanks

initiate 12 minutes ago

When you ask a questions it would be nice if you give some time to let me answer

initiate 13 minutes ago

Mandy you need to work with communication issues

Mandy Storm 25 minutes ago

There u go Shaun

Sartoria 26 minutes ago

Me too

Mandy Storm 28 minutes ago

Yes i am open to 6some

Shaun Baun 33 minutes ago

A 6p pbem that you can join without finishing 5 games would be nice

C.Targaryen 34 minutes ago

anyone for a 6 player live pro?

Mandy Storm 37 minutes ago

It’s the kick

Madoxx 38 minutes ago

how can i find out which one it is ?

Take sec and thank our team!

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