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czosnek 5 hours ago


DJLann 5 hours ago

6p hostless PBEM game up

Lord Augustus 6 hours ago

I'm a beginner haha. Surprinsingly I wasn't completely destroyed in my first match yet

We_do_not_sow 6 hours ago

lol there are no beginners here I see

krystosek 6 hours ago

1/3 live

We_do_not_sow 6 hours ago

join fast anf have fun

We_do_not_sow 6 hours ago

3p beginner live game up! pbem in about 45'

amiramir 6 hours ago

6p rated live

maromay 6 hours ago

can someone pls create an unreated 3p live game ?

Mohammad 6 hours ago

Create a game for 6 player please

Old Night 6 hours ago

K Thanks...

Ser Joseph 7 hours ago

old night I already asked for a replacement.

18HopeCSF 7 hours ago

Or you can vote abort with the rest. If nothing happens the game is aborted autmatically after some time (14 days I think)

18HopeCSF 7 hours ago

@Old Night: You can go to the forum and find a replacement for that player

Old Night 7 hours ago

Question: can someone Abort this game because nobody is responding in that game

Old Night 7 hours ago

Question: this Guy is not moving in the pbem game as well!! Two weeks and no action...

Old Night 7 hours ago

Question: Im in a PBEM game that was a live game. It switched to PBEM on August 23rd because Some dude was AFK.

CursedButLovely 7 hours ago


CursedButLovely 7 hours ago

6p live rated anyone?

geennaam 8 hours ago


Use me, make me your animal.

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