Guardaboschi 11 minutes ago

Three people that want to join a fast game...?

Guardaboschi 12 minutes ago

Hello everyone! Can someone create a live beginner (or unrated) game?

JohnnySnowy 14 minutes ago

therefore there aren't brute cards yet, right?

JM Grip 26 minutes ago

none, except if released we can give you a real new versions

gazz4 26 minutes ago

Just did

ladysara 27 minutes ago

could you please transform the 3p in a 6p please

gazz4 27 minutes ago

Have put a six up for you too Lyanna, although you should be able to start it with fewer than that I think

JohnnySnowy 27 minutes ago

Which features do beta game add?

gazz4 28 minutes ago

Ah OK, 6?

gazz4 28 minutes ago

Live beginner up for you Lyanna

Lyanna Stark 28 minutes ago

more than 4p

JM Grip 32 minutes ago

Finish 10 games to get the real beta!!!

Lyanna Stark 33 minutes ago

hey guys can someone make a live for beginners?

blowgrana 33 minutes ago

2/3 join

blowgrana 35 minutes ago

3p live beta test join

JM Grip 36 minutes ago

bugfixes to get to the real beta

DavyMatt 38 minutes ago

What's new with the beta version?

blowgrana 39 minutes ago

4/5 join

Harakon 40 minutes ago

not jm but: Heyho Andyshop^^

Andyshop 49 minutes ago

Hey JM, yes it's long time ago

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