Juice31 4 minutes ago

any one want to play and create live game

Reapero4ek 2 h 57 min ago

my bad

Reapero4ek 2 h 57 min ago


Reapero4ek 2 h 58 min ago


Reapero4ek 2 h 58 min ago

ater my turn?

SerOberynMartell 3 hours ago

If you still have units in the area with the march order, have you clicked on the march order to remove it?

Reapero4ek 3 hours ago

I have done it

Reapero4ek 3 hours ago

You have to resolve a March order first!

Reapero4ek 3 hours ago


Harakon 3 hours ago

Beta game or normal?

Reapero4ek 3 hours ago

my turn and I cant move, error

Reapero4ek 3 hours ago

I cant move, where can I write for help?

bpp- 3 hours ago

Hello, anyone doing 6p rated today?

Marco Martell 4 hours ago

enhorabuena, amigo Joao Gomes or diogobensabat maybe able?

Karijin 4 hours ago

well done 18HopeCSF!

18HopeCSF 4 hours ago

I'm Looking for a Native Portuguese Speaker with some spare time! Has to Proof-Read the Sites Translation I just finished

Frezzao 5 hours ago

any 3p unrated?

yjmshinibaba 6 hours ago

3p live for fun guys

NaKraWedzi 7 hours ago

https://beta.thronemaster.net/?game=271454 shouldnt last day of summer add wildling strenght?

El Grande 8 hours ago

come back garlic and oil

Use me, make me your animal.

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