Dexolin 1 minutes ago

Anyone up for a 6p?

Dexolin 7 minutes ago

6p rated live up!

Wulf6 1 h 58 min ago


zzvxx 3 hours ago

Anyone for 6p rated?

Wulf6 3 hours ago

live 3p up

The_Hound 6 hours ago

3p live rated up

bdzqwerasdf 8 hours ago


Firosap 11 hours ago

It's okay I'm eating him alive in one of our other games

Marco Martell 12 hours ago

I remember him with >700 minutes per turn

Marco Martell 12 hours ago

I think you can join anyway if there's PajamaN

Firosap 12 hours ago

i'll join those PBEMs, if you'd make it speed 4 instead of all speed 3 damn it

Marco Martell 12 hours ago

Maybe Africa can get a team in next year World Cup

Marco Martell 12 hours ago

Look new player from Tunisia

Marco Martell 12 hours ago

I hope new shows about Targaryens or Long Night will increase the popularity again

Marco Martell 12 hours ago

It will never die

Pitouse 12 hours ago

this killed GoT

Pitouse 12 hours ago

yeah, seems like it, fuck D&D

earthshaker 12 hours ago

i feel like this board has died down with the conclusion of the show

damekk333 12 hours ago

join 6p guys !!!

damekk333 13 hours ago

plz host 6p live unrated

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