jbreeding91 4 minutes ago

So even a win with five castles would be less valuable than a 3rd place with 6?

jbreeding91 5 minutes ago

I'm just talking about for World Cup. So I assume there are no points for rank, only castle total?

Ser Joseph 10 minutes ago

my opinion

Ser Joseph 10 minutes ago

then u can go for number of castles (rank point) and points for WC.. the same rules applies for KM...

Ser Joseph 10 minutes ago

I think it should be punishable if u clearly let someone else win for the points. but if u cant change the course of the game

Publius 11 minutes ago

castles above all else

Ser Joseph 11 minutes ago

Just dont KM but its improtant to go for the castles surely

jbreeding91 13 minutes ago

Like is it better to get second place with four castles in one game or 3rd with five castles

jbreeding91 13 minutes ago

Is it more important to finish higher or get more castles in the world cup games?

Thorador 38 minutes ago


Thorador 47 minutes ago

+1 and go

ChaosOrdo 51 minutes ago

5/6 live unrated

Thorador 53 minutes ago


Thorador 1 h 13 min ago


BringerofWinter 2 h 47 min ago

2/3 3p live

OwnerOfTheIronThrone 2 h 52 min ago

6p live 2 more

bonjovitch 2 h 59 min ago

new unrated 3pl live

Doru11 3 hours ago


Doru11 3 hours ago

3 players live fast + up

Thorador 4 hours ago


The King shits, the Hand whipes...

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