Jwsundlie 1 minutes ago

PBEM Hurz same thing

Jwsundlie 2 minutes ago

Breed for throne wars WP if. you change to TOB ill play

Jwsundlie 3 minutes ago

JOIN PREMUSTER TOB RANDOM START for a fresh take on the game

Ser Hodor 3 minutes ago

come on, you cravens and join the war

TheFatShepherd 6 minutes ago

it's up

Acoss 12 minutes ago

yes i want too

Georsara 13 minutes ago

6p live unrated please

Tse_4 14 minutes ago

6p unrated pls?

KwaK 16 minutes ago

Any ADMIN HERE online ?

Ser Gerold Hightower 36 minutes ago

anyone for 3p fast game

Todo 49 minutes ago

yeah, I ws going through the forums but couldn't find anything. I will reach out to rock10, thanks!

Smagic. 49 minutes ago


rycurdvi 52 minutes ago

live 6 player game?

Harakon 52 minutes ago

mabe contact rock10 if he has the ids or check the forum threads

Harakon 53 minutes ago

the only possibility would be through game id i guess

Todo 54 minutes ago

especially the final

Todo 55 minutes ago

does anyone know where I can find last year tournament's games?

Jezorrr 1 h 20 min ago

3p up

Arczi100 1 h 24 min ago

fast players can it be no ranked?

Arczi100 1 h 33 min ago

3 live no ranked anyone?

Alright, on my behalf... 3, 2, 1:

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