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mel2008 14 minutes ago

6p live is set up

Tiguera 6 hours ago

2/3 fast game

Tiguera 6 hours ago

fast 3p up

alanjt_ 6 hours ago


amen2omen 6 hours ago

anyone joining the 3P live game?

amen2omen 6 hours ago

3P live is ready ... fast players please join

Senor 6 7 hours ago

A man hears

LiVSi 7 hours ago

@senor 6, waiting for u

LiVSi 7 hours ago

Oh... Again tons of manual kicks... Well, what to do?

Delphalor 7 hours ago

2/3 live

Guisard 8 hours ago

3p up

Daskiee 9 hours ago

hey can u create for 3 pbem?

Senor 6 9 hours ago

LiVSi, you crazy fool, you know I'm in on that!

LiVSi 10 hours ago

Hello there! Can a super mot create 6p pbem with speed index fast+ ? Thanks in advance

alanjt_ 10 hours ago


MelboBaggins2 11 hours ago


MelboBaggins2 11 hours ago

4/6 players ready to go! King Covid

SansaLydia 11 hours ago

3p live up

jjak34 11 hours ago

ok I'll make a non beta

zeta 11 hours ago

if i create. can u join jjak?

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