Mr.Clyde 11 minutes ago

Looking forward for the draw Mel

Mr.Clyde 15 minutes ago

6p live game is up

OogaBoogaDoo 30 minutes ago

thanks anyway

OogaBoogaDoo 31 minutes ago

was hoping for some live games to join but doesn't seem like there's any

Karijin 57 minutes ago

there are live games and PBEM (kinda like email chess)

Karijin 58 minutes ago

go to gaming - online games, and join the green game

OogaBoogaDoo 1 h 5 min ago

Hey guys new to the website, looking for a game to join

omriex7 1 h 18 min ago

3p live 2/3

Nomaris 1 h 21 min ago

they are reshuffled.

got_pocak 1 h 29 min ago

How does the westeros cards work in an endless game after the 10th round?

Mel 2 h 12 min ago

The League closed, join World Cup

Marco Martell 6 hours ago

Marco Martell 6 hours ago World Cup last days of registartion

Jonesinforathronesin 8 hours ago


Jonesinforathronesin 9 hours ago

3p live trying again!

Argh le Grand 9 hours ago

wait a bit im coming !

Jonesinforathronesin 9 hours ago


Jonesinforathronesin 9 hours ago


Jonesinforathronesin 9 hours ago

3p live fast

RodrigoLannister 10 hours ago


Get back to work, you slacker!

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