Hector1st 1 minutes ago

nothing personal, but I wouldn`t want you to ruin the game for some reason

Hector1st 2 minutes ago

I also check the player profiles when creating a game, if I`d see 50% kick rate, I`d kick you out too...

Hector1st 3 minutes ago

I`d say that it was due to the fact that your kick rate is 50%, maybe you should check that first

Hector1st 4 minutes ago

looking at your profile, I`d say that no one was using you to fill the game

Hector1st 4 minutes ago


slavik2002 11 minutes ago


Daniel Chauvin 11 minutes ago

why so i can wait around here for another hour or two?

Lannie85 11 minutes ago

So you want another game I presume?

slavik2002 12 minutes ago


Daniel Chauvin 12 minutes ago

I spend 30 minutes to an hour in a lobby just to get kicked because they were using me to help fill the game up faster

Rock10 12 minutes ago

World Cup 2020 https://www.thronemaster.net/?goto=community&sub=forum&fid=2&tid=72460&pid=72460#p72460. 3 hours left!

Necrarch 13 minutes ago

And obviously, don't get kicked any more!

Necrarch 14 minutes ago

You can also regain slots by replacing players, see "Player Replacements" forum

Daniel Chauvin 15 minutes ago

I cant because I just get kicked every time. I had to beg for a 3p one yesterday

Vessell 16 minutes ago

when you finished one more game - your kick rate will become lower

Vessell 16 minutes ago

just play more games and don't get a kick bro)

Daniel Chauvin 17 minutes ago

Daniel Chauvin 18 minutes ago

I have a fast speed, I just played an over 2 hour live game yesterday

Daniel Chauvin 19 minutes ago

how am I gonna get my kick rate better if everyone just kicks me

Daniel Chauvin 22 minutes ago

2 more :0

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