rick1308 43 seconds ago

Hi id like to play classic 3p, unfornutally i am not mot, someone up the job?

DaanSengers 35 minutes ago

1 more player needed for 3p live

RedWombat 2 h 26 min ago

Yes, it's good to head that the server gear wheels are greased and spinning

Karijin 2 h 40 min ago

Thanks, JM! Great to see you active, much appreciated

JM Grip 2 h 47 min ago

INFO: Server Maintenance last night. Up again for 7 hours already

xxremcioo 2 h 57 min ago

2/3 live prooo!

yuzijing 3 hours ago


Lord Crook 4 hours ago


Lord Crook 4 hours ago

i made a new 3 player game

Lord Crook 4 hours ago


zeta 6 hours ago

3p live up!

The Sphinx 8 hours ago

Where's everyone???

™Server 10 hours ago

Don't leave me! I am still here.

Don't hesitate, that's your last chance.

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