zzvxx 16 minutes ago

Another playera for 6p live rated?

zzvxx 16 minutes ago

Fck I missed the game

Dexolin 20 minutes ago

Last place for a 6p live!

Dexolin 23 minutes ago


Dexolin 24 minutes ago


Dexolin 24 minutes ago

Last 2 place for a glorious 6p!

Dexolin 28 minutes ago


Dexolin 30 minutes ago

6p rated fast

Dexolin 36 minutes ago


Dexolin 43 minutes ago

Anyone up for a 6p?

Dexolin 50 minutes ago

6p rated live up!

Wulf6 2 h 41 min ago


zzvxx 4 hours ago

Anyone for 6p rated?

Wulf6 4 hours ago

live 3p up

The_Hound 7 hours ago

3p live rated up

bdzqwerasdf 8 hours ago


Firosap 12 hours ago

It's okay I'm eating him alive in one of our other games

Marco Martell 12 hours ago

I remember him with >700 minutes per turn

Marco Martell 12 hours ago

I think you can join anyway if there's PajamaN

Firosap 12 hours ago

i'll join those PBEMs, if you'd make it speed 4 instead of all speed 3 damn it

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