Firestorm 1 seconds ago

Abusive play, kick or other things worth reporting

Firestorm 26 seconds ago

Violation od rules

Mandy Storm 39 seconds ago

Or murder a fellow thronemaster

Mandy Storm 1 minutes ago

If you abuse them

Madoxx 4 minutes ago

on which occasion can the MoT rights be removed?

Just do it 16 minutes ago

yes my lord

Madoxx 20 minutes ago

any mods here?

Mel 28 minutes ago

Any title for the league winner possible too?

Mel 29 minutes ago

JM Grip 44 minutes ago

Dexolin got his well deserved WORLD CHAMPION title!

TheReignOfChaos 53 minutes ago

pm sent to you hara just now

Harakon 53 minutes ago

Ask your question

TheReignOfChaos 57 minutes ago

Any mods online?

JM Grip 58 minutes ago

INFO: Updated all missed donations - thank you guys!

eilon53 2 h 15 min ago


godgreen 4 hours ago


Karijin 4 hours ago


godgreen 4 hours ago

Anyone want to start a live game?

godgreen 4 hours ago

1 more player needed for 3p live

godgreen 4 hours ago

1 more

Hail to the Seven Kingdoms, baby!

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